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Check out the video below, how to rig and fish Sliders correctly.

The new lure taking the market by storm…  Sliders
Available in 5 Colours
Orange Gold
Leopard Pink
Pink White
Rasta Man
Candy Apple
Available in seven sizes
40g, 60g, 80g, 100g, 140g, 200g and 240g

Check out where to buy Sliders here

These new sliding kabura style lures are a leap ahead of the ball game.
They are lethal on a wide range of fish and we think will be the next hot lure after the Jitterbug.
Why? Because we are now catching more fish than ever on this very clever lure.



Colours Available

  • Rasta Man

  • Lumo

  • Orange Gold

  • Pink White

  • Candy Apple