Spinder Rod


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We got a lot more than we bargained for after developing the Spinder - the spinning-reel version of the now legendary Bender! Initially designed to fish Fleas, Sliders and Jitterbugs to their full potential, thanks to the extremely flexible but structurally strong S-glass tip section, the Spinder has also proved surprisingly effective (and heaps of fun!) when armed with a Knife Jig or Weasel jig, dealing to all sizes of snapper and even pretty big kingfish. Yes, it bends right over, but that’s half the appeal and why it works so well; you won’t believe what pressure this little rod will absorb without breaking!

Other features: 

  • An aircraft-grade S-glass tip helps to provide slow-jigs and micro-jigs with the perfect action, softening their movements so they undulate nicely, as well as helping to prevent the smaller hooks from ripping or straightening out. 
  • High-quality Fuji guides and tip components. 
  • A super-comfy and durable Fuji reel seat that’s incorporated into the fore grip - if there’s a better configuration, show it to us!
  • Skeletonised butt section with a fat little knob on the end to spread pressure when it’s being worked on the angler’s body.
  • A compact hook-holder that’s perfectly positioned out the way.

Specs: length, 1.8m; recommended line weight, PE 1-2; recommended lure weight, up to 90g.

    Associated products: All OA snapper lures to 100g; OA Rod-Butt Protector.

    On-the-water tips: Basically the same as the Bender, but the big advantage of the Spinder is its ability to cast or lob lures well up ahead of the boat, so lures get down to the bottom earlier and can be yo-yoed up off the bottom for longer