Autumn fishing is producing good kingfish

The gulf is producing some really nice kingfish at the moment. We will often spend a couple of hours each trip getting livies and deploying these and jigs on likely spots holding the green torpedoes. Some of these spots producing are the Coromandel barges, Channel Island and just in and amongst the bait! The snapper fishing is also great but not as many bigger fish like last year yet. We like to mix it up and have also been getting lots of good size John Dory as a by-catch while fishing the kingfish spots on the kingfish gear and livies!

The gannet workups have been happening but mainly been fast moving KY ones. Big drifts through the areas will fill your bins with pannies and the odd larger fish. We are finding the 40mtr confluence east and nor east of gannet Rock to be full of bait, KY, Kingfish, snapper and sharks!

Other areas holding snapper is around the top of Coromandel SW of Channel Is. This area is also full of bait and long drifts will find them then retrace the drift where they are!

In closer there is also lots of activity with all the anchovies being pushed in. We are getting good snapper in the Tamaki Straight under the large bait balls now in there. We are using 100g plus Bruised Banana and Orange Slider jigs in 8 mtrs with great success.

Well the pilchards will be moving in soon and so the cycle starts again…see you out there!

Nik Key is a tutor, guide, lure tester and charter skipper

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