Durville Island Blue Cod

Author: Troy Dando.

Well it was a stunner of a weekend with no wind and no swell finally. This gave us the opportunity to get up to Durville Island for a fish instead of Tasman Bay. Plan was to look for a Kingfish / Snapper and get a feed of Blue Cod. The first two pieces of the plan didn’t go to well with a few hours jigging turning up nothing. We also tried the snapper and again nothing. We turned to some thing that normally isn’t two much trouble and decided to hit the blue cod.

Going to one of my favorite spots where its deep, lots of current and lots of rocks, weed and deep off’s.

The lure to use when dropping in this country (over 100 meters deep) is the new 200 gram Jitter bug.

We put a squirt of Secret Sauce inside the skirt and then added a small piece of squid tentacles to one of the hooks then bombs away.

The hook-ups were insane with massive blue cod just smashing the gear with most over 50cm. We quickly got our quota of 6 cod between 2 of us (2 cod if fishing inside the slot area)

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