Fat Snapper On The Chew

Thursday 18th September.

What a magical morning.

Shot out at first light (6am) & headed out to My spot & was greeted by an awesome Sunrise, just a stunning morning, very light breeze with mirror like seas.

The Snapper were hard on the chew from the moment I arrived till the turn of the tide (8 30) & for the first hour of the incoming  then it slowed but was still steady up until I left at midday.

Fished along the edges of the fowl from 4 to 10m, just casting into the weed & letting it drop down the edges & the Snapper where just smashing the softies.

Landed some nice fish up to 5kg & got absolutely smoked by a very nice King, no chance in the shallows (4m) & fowl as, no stopping it with the light gear (6lb), was fun while it lasted, just love the sound of screaming reels.

Some of the locals came down to see what all the excitement was about & hung around for most of the morning.


The Northerly started to build around 10ish & made the drifts a bit tricky but still managed to catch Snapper.

Flavour of the day was the Zman Nuked Pilchard on a 1/2oz Pink Lightbulb tied to 15lb Fluro, just a deadly setup & one that has been working really well for Me over the last couple of months.

So another premo feed of fat tasty Snapper from the shallows, some for the table & some for the Bradleys.

I believe the Snapper are in the best condition this time of the year & taste bloody good.

So pick your weather & go out there & get em folks.

Happy Days…………

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