Fishing In The Far North.

After relocating to the Far North (Whangaroa area) & finding My feet as in new fishing spots its been an interesting 10weeks.

Snapper, KY in plague proportions , Johnnies & Kingfish, Big Kingfish all around with some being harder to catch than others.

Jigs & Softies all work well up here in the North with the old tried & tested colours out fishing some of the new.

The Smokey Shad Jerk Shad in the 3.75in & 5in being the outstanding colour to date(match the hatch) taking some nice Snapper to 9kg, hoards of KY & not that I have landed many but Kingfish to 20kg & have lost lots, just big trains with no brakes, man theses fish are strong & fight hard.


I have had to step up My line weight from 4 to 6lb to 10 to 14b to hold them & get them out of the fowl & then still get smoked on a regular basis as theses fish know there area well.

Fishing with heaver Braid has also taken a bit of time to get used to as with the lighter you go the better the action of your lure/softbait & I love the light stuff.

Still only using 1/4 to 1/2 once Pink Lightbulb Jig Heads as I think these are the Ducks nuts, best Jig Heads on the market in My opinion, Great colour with added UV, short shank & strong with excellent point retention.

So if ya get the chance to come up to the Far North don’t forget those Zman softies & all the other Ocean Angler Jigs as the weather is good & the Fish are bitting hard.

Happy Days…..

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