Fishing with Zman Softbaits.

People often ask Me what I catch on Zman Softbaits & why I like them so much, most are very surprised when I tell them that they catch pretty much everything, yes everything.

Not just Snapper, yes they catch plenty of Snaps & good ones at that but also KY, Kingfish,John Dory, Trev’s, Gurnard & other reefies like Porae (best smoked fish on the planet), Pig Fish, Wrasse, all sorts, even the good old Blue Cod, I have even hooked a couple of Sharks on them, so plenty of variety.

Male Pig Fish.


Goat Fish

These little bits of spongy stretchy springy coloured rubber work a treat on just about any fish in the sea.

I can’t remember the last time i used that old smelly stuff called bait, just no need for it, now don’t get Me wrong, I no bait works great but Softbaiting for Me is just so much more exciting with no smelly clean up at the end of the day, big bonus in My book.

Plus the other thing I like about Softbaiting is you are always on the move & for Me that means new places to explore & fish.

Also fishing in the shallows allows Me to release 90% of the fish I catch unharmed, very important as I’m looking after future stocks while having fun, no gut hooked fish like with bait so mortality rate is very low if any apart from the ones that end up in My chilly bin.

The possibilities are endless with so many colours, shapes & sizes to chose from & any one can work on any given day, its amazes Me how one colour can work one day & another the next, then there are days when it just doesn’t matter what colour you use as they smash em all, but it does pay to have a good variety on hand.

Plus they are such good value for your dollar, not like some of the other brands that are one hit wonders, it can cost you a small fortune if the reefies are about snapping off tails but not with the Zman’s, they are damn near indestructible catching fish after fish after fish, some days I might only use the one all day & in My book thats bloody good value for My hard earned cash.

So if you haven’t tried the Zman range yet get out there & give them a go, You won’t be disappointed, they really do work.

Match them up with the Ocean Angler Lightbulb Jigheads & the Ocean Angler Ghost Fluorocarbon Leader fished on light braid & You have got a winning combo, go the whole hog & get a Ocean Angler V2 Microwave Rod( the ducks nuts as far as I’m concerned)  with a small Spinning Reel, (2500 to 4000) & You have got one deadly Softbaiting set up that will handle any Snapper You can catch.

With the water starting to warm up up here in the Far North the fishing is starting to get better with plenty of Snapper around in the 40 to 60cm bracket (great eating size) Trev’s around the 3 to 4kg mark, Kingfish in good numbers with some stonkers among them, KY are a pain in the bum, lots of them around in big schools rounding up bait, I have been fishing around the outside of the bait schools & picking up John Dory as well, a very welcomed by catch………..yummy.

So if you are heading North don’t forget your Zman’s.

Happy Days…………..

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