Good Snapper in the Tamaki Strait Shallows.

Friday 12th & Saturday 13th December.

Its going off in the shallows, plenty off Bait, KY boiling the surface everywhere & hungry Snaps underneath them feeding up large.

Spent Friday & Saturday morning fishing My back door (Tamaki Strait Shallows).

There are plenty of nice angry Snapper (40 to 60cm size) in close now & they were feeding hard out on Friday morning, very different to the bite I had last week, very fickle with just the tiniest of bites, not Friday, they just smashed it, hell runs on the light silly string (4 & 6lb) so much fun, I just can’t get enough of it

Landed some nice Snapper into the high 50’s & there seems to be plenty of them about.


Flavours of the 2 days were Zman Bleeding Banana Curly Tail cast way out in front & twitched back to Me, it caught most of the fish on the 2 days & the Zman Nuked Pilchard Paddle Tail dragged behind the boat, that set up also picked up a couple of nice fish but casting ahead won the days.


Saturday morning was a pearler with flat glass like seas, to flat for My liking as I like a bit of breeze to push Me along & I think thats why it was a bit slower with not such an angry bite but there where still good fish to be had, used the same set up as Friday & once again it did the damage.

50 & 55cm Snaps, good conditioned fish, fought hard.

Fished a couple of meters deeper than I normal do in that area, plenty of 30 to 40cm fish in close (3 to 6-7m) but the better fish were just out that little bit deeper in 8 to 9m.

Water temp up to 18.9deg & it looks & feels fishy, especially with all that Bait swimming around.

So 2 days(mornings) fishing My back door for 2 lovely bins full of tasty Snaps, life is good.

So get out there & get em folks.

Happy Days……….

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