More great winter fishing

We are getting some nice weather windows lately and I thought I would make the most of the last one with a trip to the Great Barrier. We had a quick stop at the 50mtr mark and started filling the bin with 40-50cm snapper to take the pressure off if fishing wasn’t that good out wider.

This was unnecessary, as the fishing out wider was phenomenal! Around 4-5nm north of Lil Barrier we found an area of bait with acres of dolphins working it and a few gannets taking advantage of it…so we decided to do the same!

There was a little sign on the sounded at 56mtrs and down went the sliders in 140 and 200gr (new ones) and they didn’t get to the bottom. First hookups were kingfish and then the big snapper came on. All colours were working. I did notice that the pink and red skirts were getting the biggest fish so I would put 2 skirts on the 140/200g and cut one or two hooks off the older tired skirt).

We tried mechanical jigging but the sliders were working better (I think this was because the Kings were trying to get to them before the big Snaps did. In competition mode).

We also found massive gannet and dolphin pilchard workups inside Pigeons rock with dolphins in attendance. These were short lasting and moving everywhere and did not hold the same caliber of fish as the deeper water action.

Another area that will be firing and producing some big Trevs at this time of the year is the top of Coromandel. We will be heading over that way over the next 4 days so will report our findings.

In closer around bottom end of Waiheke is a great place to cast softbaits or drop a jig on the way out wider and can be a great end of day spot to try on the way home!

So I look forward to seeing you out there. Or come out with me and enjoy my playground and learn a few tricks I have gained over the years!

Nik Key is a guide, lure tester, writer and charter skipper

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