Snapper in the Shallows around Motukaraka Island.

Saturday 21st June.

With only a short window this morning I decided to fish my feet in the shallows out from Pohutakawa Bay

So up early & on the water before dawn so I could catch the start of the incoming tide & bite time which was from 6 till 8.

With a light NW blowing it was so so for the wind & tide together drift.

Fished from 3 to 6m, water temp 14.7 which is up a couple of deg’s from this time last year in the same area.

Still a bit of bait drifting around & the odd Snapper to.

Started slow for Me today but as soon as the sun came out it was all go with a few angry Snaps hitting the softies, lots of smaller models around in the low to mid 30’s with the occasional 40cm plus fish in amongst them.

Colours working for Me this morning were New Penny Curlytail on a 1/2oz Pink Lightbulb dragged  behind the boat & the 4inch Nuked Pilchard Paddler on a 1/4oz Pink Lightbulb casting forward & slowly retrieved back which on the day caught the bigger fish.



Ended the day with a nice bin full from 40 to 50cm, so another tasty feed from the shallows 15minutes from My Back door.


Happy days……

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