Wash Fishing with Sotfbaits.

Wash fishing with Softbaits has to be one of the most productive & exciting ways to catch big Snapper & with all the Easterly winds we have been having up here lately  (Far North, Whangaroa) there are plenty of top spots with good wash (waves or swells breaking on or over rocks).

I have been doing a lot of this sort of fishing lately & catching some very nice Snapper up to 10kg.

One thing I must say before getting into what has been working for Me is …………. I do most of my fishing by myself, so when I’m wash fishing I always leave My outboard motor running so if I get a bit to close to the rocks it is easy to just drive away.

Always watch what the waves & swells are doing before approaching the spot/wash you want to fish as you don’t want to end up on the rocks watching your pride & joy getting smashed around.

Always safety first I say.

Anyway back to the fishing.

With the Swells/Waves breaking on to the rocks this makes lots of white water which in  turn gives the bigger Fish lots of cover to ambush their next meal, hopefully mine/your Softbait.

I cast right up to & on the odd occasion right onto the rocks but thats just Me being a Muppet.

Let it drop down the face giving it a few little twitches just to give it some movement & keep it out of the fowl/weed & hold on as the Snapper just come in & smash it hard.

The gear I’m using is a bit heaver than My usual set up when fishing the shallow fowl as you have to be able to get them clear of the rocks & weed quickly or its all over red rover.

The rod I’m using for this is the Ocean Angler Microwave rod as its longer than most of the softbait rods out there (8ft) & it has a good action in the top half & plenty of grunt in the business end plus the Microwave guide systems allows you to cast further making life a little bit safer.

I use the Ocean Angler Lightbulb Jigheads in 1/4 & 1/2 once in pink as this is My favourite colour.

I have also upped the Trace I’m using to 20 to 30lb Fluro Carbon as the rocks can be very unforgiving & using the lighter Fluro 10 to 15lb just isn’t worth it as you end up getting rubbed of by to many good fish as I have found out …………….. the hard way.

Colours of Softbaits vary from day to day but I have to say that the most productive of late has been the Zman 4inch Smokey Shad, has just been slaying them, match the hatch.

So there you have it folks, get out there & find yourself some Wash, remember to play it safe & have a go at this type of Softbaiting, it can be full on & exciting, great fun.

Happy Days.



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