Winter fishing at its best now

I really love this time of year for fishing (Winter with it’s more consistent weather and fishing). It usually starts in May but this year it is late and I hope it lasts longer because of this! The bait has moved in en-masse with the cooler water and the workups are going off at the moment with the big snapper underneath. Not only are the big snapper under these workups but we have found it hard to get through the kingfish to get to the snapper on the last couple of trips. The only issue is that he sharks are also following these feeding frenzies and we are losing good fish and gear to these predators!!!

We are finding the best fishing to be north rather that over the Coromandel way at the moment (but his could change soon). We are finding the gannets and mammals on the outside of the cable about 6nm up the line, just south of Anchourite Rock and more recently (yesterday), just south of flat rock right through to halfway between Tiri and Kauwau. We also had the whole area to ourselves on a Saturday, just showing what anglers are missing out on because they won’t venture out in Winter!

We have been using both Sliders, Jitterbugs with great success and yes the orange slider has been the winner again on the last trip with bruised banana coming a close second. The new Bender rod has been out fishing the other rods we use on the boat with both the biggest and and most snapper being caught on it. Apart from being a very forgiving rod (soft and also always keeps pressure on the hook), it seems to give the sliders the best action to lure in those better snapper! Adam below can testify to that getting his PB and the biggest snapper on the boat (check put his smile)!

So don’t let winter turn you off the fantastic fishing we have at the moment and get on out there!

Nik Key is a tutor, guide, lure tester and charter skipper


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