Cyclops V2


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The first Cyclops version was responsible for catching thousands of fish in deep water (typically 30-70 metres), but when cheap copies started emerging, tarnishing the product, we stopped making them. Plenty of water has gone under the bridge since then and we’ve learned a lot; it’s now time to introduce the latest Cyclops, Version Two. What a ripper it is, with the slidinghead design enabling it to be attached to a Z-man soft-bait, Jelly Babies assist rig, or more standard Slider/Coin Drop assist rig, then zipping that product down to where the fish are holding. At this point the unique Cyclops’ head shape does its bewitching magic, enticing a wide variety of predators into biting.

Other features 

  • Free-sliding head, enabling trailing products to be presented away from the lead-head if desired.
  • Lumo colour option for better visibility in deep water.
  • A strong, rust-resistant hook in two sizes that suit the most popular Z-Man sizes; snapper, kingfish and kahawai are especially well catered for.
  • Two well-proven colours and useful weights.
  • Protective insert that prevents trace damage.

Weights: 60g, 120g

Colours: Orange Gold and Pink White

Weights and hook sizes: Medium (5/0), suitable for 4-5” Z-Mans; Large (7/0), suitable for 7-10” Z-Mans. Each hook sizes are available in 60g and 120g.

Associated products: Z-Man soft-baits in sizes 4-5” and 7-10”, depending on hook size; Slider and Coin Drop assist rigs, along with the hottest new product, Jelly Babies; and all three OA soft-bait rods, along with the Micro Jig rod.

On-the-water tips: Choose the hook size to match the Z-Man soft-bait size as previously outlined; the weight is determined by the depth of water, the current/wind, and the size of the soft-bait. If in doubt, go heavy in this instance. Either drop the Cyclops straight down, or cast it well out ahead of the drift, then allow the Cyclops to sink to the bottom. The lure may hold up in the water during descent, causing the leader to be pulled through the sliding head. If you want the two components to remain a single unit, stop the descent every now and then until you feel the clunk as the two meet up again. Once on the bottom, decide whether you want to do a slow mechanical jig upwards or simply lift and drop it ‘yo-yo style. Or mix the two techniques together; even dragging will work at times.