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OA Jitterbugs have cemented their place in most keen anglers’ arsenals in recent years. These lures preceded the Slider and continue to enjoy similar success on the country’s various fish species’ populations; fishing-tackle retailers rarely stock one without the other, as anglers often firmly prefer one over the other - a bit of a ‘Ford versus Holden’ type thing!

Other Features: Luminous and/or ultra-violet reflecting coatings; high-quality Japanese assist cord armed with super-tough plastic Octopus and hand-whipped Owner hooks.

Weights: 20g, 40g, 60g, 80g, 100g and 130g

Colours: Blue-Silver; Leopard Pink; Orange-Gold; Candy Apple; Lime Pickle; Pink-White; Bruised Banana

Associated product: Twin packs of replacement Jitterbug assist rigs (two sizes: 2.5 and 3) in Bruised Banana, Blue-Silver, OrangeGold, Hot Pink, PinkWhite and Red. Recommended rods: Jitterbugs perform well when attached to OA Bender, Titanium and Micro Jig rods.

On-the-water tips: Jitterbugs are easy to use, only requiring slow lifts and drops, and/or slow winds upwards for a few metres before being dropped back down again. However, just like the Slider, sometimes you only need to engage the reel upon the lure hitting the bottom to find a fish already hooked! If your Jitterbug’s weight is marginal for the conditions, lob or cast it well ahead of the drifting boat so more time is spent down below the boat, where they work best. This lure should be attached to a couple of metres of 25-30lb fluorocarbon leader. Although it is possible to attach the trace to either end of the lure, we suggest tying to the tail loop so the assist rig sits nicely within the slot designed to accommodate it.