Knife Jig


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These jigs come in just two weights - 60 and 80g - but are already getting a cult following, thanks to some unbelievable results and even out-fishing Sliders at times! Their long, slim profile enables them to zip down to where the action is, then stay in the zone for longer, and makes them appear to be a relatively large prey item (when they actually aren’t), so both snapper and kingfish are attracted.

Other features: 

  • Good use of tough UV and/or lumo finishes
  • A durable hand-whipped assist rig armed with two super-sharp Owner hooks

Weights: 60g and 80g

Colours: Fanta, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Silver and Bruised Banana

Associated product: Replacement Knife Jig assist rigs, twin pack.

On-the-water tips: Knife Jigs can be mechanically jigged up from the bottom (any further than halfway is generally a waste of energy and time, unless the activity on the fish-finder says otherwise) at different speeds or repeatedly lifted and dropped, yo-yo style, near the bottom - or try a mixture of both actions. If conditions are suitable (i.e. not too much wind and/or tide), Knife Jigs can descend a long way - 70, 80 metres or more if necessary. Their relatively light weight and ease of use makes them very popular, especially amongst light-tackle kingfish chasers who would rather avoid expending too much effort in the fish-catching process!