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Following the impressive results by the Japanese-made Maria Rapidos, we were quick to also nab their smartly finished and innovative looking Duck dive poppers!

Other features 

  • A relatively small popper face for effortless retrievals and less chance of ‘busting out’ of the surface, whilst still generating a great bubble trail.
  • A magnetic weighting system that migrates to the rear when cast, adding valuable weight for greater distances, then moves back to the central position during retrieval to enable the best possible action and an audible rattle as a bonus!
  • The streamlined 230mm form and 90g weight help to attain the best possible casting distances and enable easier retrieves over long sessions. 
  • A great range of effective colours, both natural and hyper-triggers (colour combos known to excite predators into biting).
  • Tough, high-impact plastic construction with wiring for maximum strength.


190mm - B01H, B06H, B08H, B13H, B28C, B35H, B37H, B42H

230mm - B01H, B06H, B08HB28CB37H, B42H

On-the-water tips: As already mentioned, the Duckdive’s smallish face means very little force is required for this popper to create a decent spurt of water and a nice bubble trail behind. In fact, it can be treated similar to some types of stick-baits - just smooth, firm sweeps of the rod, with smaller, sharper stabs deployed if kingfish are attracted by the lure’s commotion but aren’t actually striking - or try simply stopping for a few seconds; it’s amazing how often that can work. It definitely pays to experiment with hook sizes and configurations, as this can play a big part in how well the lure performs. The manufacturers recommend high quality 4/0 and 5/0 treble hooks for optimal performance, but you might prefer to use 7/0-8/0 inline singles, especially at the rear position. Squash all the hook barbs to avoid unnecessary injury to the fish and yourself while unhooking, and to make the process quicker. If you keep the pressure on during the fight, as you should, the hooks will stay in.