Micro Jig V2 Rod


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Don’t be fooled by the Micro Jig rod’s spindly appearance: this surprisingly gutsy little rod can dominate those (sometimes annoying!) oceanic kahawai; provide you with plenty of great snapper catching fun, and even overcome medium-sized kingies - that’s probably why it’s Paul Senior’s favourite rod! Light in weight and action, this little ripper is designed to fish a variety of Ocean Angler lures - the Weasels and Knife Jigs especially - and it does so to perfection.

Other features High-quality Seaguides; a well-positioned and super-comfy reel-seat and foregrip combination for extended jigging and fish-fighting sessions; and an unobtrusive hook holder.

Specs: Length, 1.82m; maximum lure weight 180g; recommended line weights, PE 1-2 lines (10- 20lb), but may even take up to PE 3.

Associated products: Most Ocean Angler lures, but Weasels, Knife Jigs, and Jitterbugs in particular; Z-Man soft-plastics; OA Rod Protector.