Z-Man Finesse EyeZ
Z-Man Finesse EyeZ
Z-Man Finesse EyeZ
Z-Man Finesse EyeZ
Z-Man Finesse EyeZ
Z-Man Finesse EyeZ
Z-Man Finesse EyeZ
Z-Man Finesse EyeZ

Z-Man Finesse EyeZ

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Size 1/0 1/12
Colour Pearl

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You've got your super-durable and mobile Z-Man freshwater soft-baits, now its time to pair them with the perfect jig-head... Introducing the Z-Man's Finesse EyeZ Jig-head, a jig-head that ensures you get the full potential from your soft-baiting!


  • A low-center-of-gravity head with Z-Man's grooved StabiliTrack design maintains perfect balance at all retrieve speeds or when fished vertically
  • Oversized 3D eyeballs highlight four jig-head colours, focusing predatory attention and creating a pronounced strike target
  • Built around a needle-pointed, light-wire black-nickle 1/0 hook
  • A welded wire keeper facilitates easy, secure rigging of ElaZtech soft-baits, locking them firmly into place 
  • Ideal for vertical fishing with a 4" Jerk ShadZ or for finesse swim-bait applications using a Slim SwimZ MinnowZ, or DieZel MinnowZ

Weights: 1/12, 1/8, 3/16 (Comes in a packet of 3)

Colours: Pearl, Smelt, Greenback and Shiner

Associated productsAll the Z-Man freshwater soft-bait range, Secret Sauce 

On-the-water tips:

Rigging: Ensure your Z-Man is correctly rigged on the lead-head. After initially inserting the hook and exiting the belly slit, the lure should then be pulled up against the jig-head and the hook rotated 180 degrees to exit the soft-bait’s ‘back’. The Z-Man should sit nice and straight on the hook; a ‘banana’ shape makes the lure spiral unattractively. 

Technique: Z-Mans can be cast and retrieved or dragged along behind the drifting boat. Contrary to popular belief, they can be cast around while anchored up or from the shore, too. It usually pays to use the lightest possible leadhead weight that will reach the seafloor. This sees the descending lure hanging in the bite zone for longer and able to be retrieved more slowly and erratically without continually dropping into the weeds or reef and snagging.  Success often depends on your ability to identify the casting angles that allow your lightly-weighted lure to get down to the bottom and then be jiggled back with some tension retained throughout. This enables you to be alerted to bites, as the line will jiggle, suddenly slacken, or zip away. Provided the rod is kept lowered and pointing along the line during the descent and after each jiggle on the retrieve, a simple handle wind in response to these ‘line bites’ is enough to tighten nicely to the biting fish or encourage it to bite again. In both instances the rod tip gets pulled downwards by the biting fish, signalling it’s time for you to lift the rod firmly and set the hook. Z-Mans are more effective when Secret Sauce is regularly added: their attractive flavours encourage fish to bite hard and hang onto the imitation for longer, so anglers are more likely to hook up.

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