Z-Man HeroZ


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You asked for them: 10" Z-Man Heroz! Now you can attract bigger fish than ever - monster snapper, big kings, tuna and even hapuku - thanks to these amazing lures! Nothing else has the same winning combination of toughness, flexibility and natural buoyancy, allowing you to use these lures in so many ways! Want to target kingfish? Attach them to the revamped Ocean Angler Cyclops fitted with a sharp, extra large hook - perfect for casting out and erratically retrieving, or dropping deep down and working back up. Or carefully insert a straight-shanked live-bait hook across the Z-man’s ‘nose’ (being careful to make sure it’s absolutely central or it will spin) then cast out and let it naturally swim back along the surface, tail waggling nicely, for spectacular surface bites! Or skitter them like escaping piper along the surface for similarly splashy action. Prefer snapper? Just use our Ocean Angler long-shank Lightbulb in the desired weight - you’ll be surprised how effective it is and how many bites you still get, catching all snapper sizes from just on legal to MONSTERS! NEW! 10” Z-MAN HEROZ!

Sizes: 10" (Comes in a packet of 3)

Colours: Bubble Gum, Nuked Pilchard Glow, Smoky Shad, Green Lantern, Sexy Mullet and Pearl.

Associated products: Secret Sauce and OA Lightbulb Jig heads.