Z-Man PaddlerZ


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Everyone knows now that soft-baits can be particularly effective on a wide range of fish species in New Zealand, but just one brand, Z-Man, is becoming the primary choice for most serious soft-plastic anglers. The reasons why are many, including: coming in some fantastic colours, sizes and shapes; providing the best movement when retrieved or left to their own devices in the current; not needing to be kept in a special solution, so won’t turn into little bits of ‘wood’ and there’s no liquid to leak everywhere; having a natural buoyancy so they lift tail first when on the bottom and waggle enticingly; some having ultraviolet-reflective and lumo qualities to make them highly visible in all sorts of conditions, and being the toughest soft-bait available! The last feature is often the deciding factor for most: anyone fishing in reefy territory will know the frustration of fishing more fragile brands of soft-baits, winding in after one cast to find the lure bitten in half or completely gone; it can get very expensive. No wonder anglers are putting super-durable Z-Mans on instead - it’s usually possible to catch between a dozen and 30 fish per lure!

Sizes: 4" and 5" (Comes in a packet of 5)

PaddlerZ 4” available in: Coconut Ice Glow, Bleeding Banana, Motor Oil, Nuked Chicken Glow, New Penny, Nuked Pilchard Glow, Perfect Perch, Redbone, Shiner, Smelt, Sexy Penny, Smokey Shad, Sexy Mullet, The Deal, Bruised Banana and Atomic Sunrise.

PaddlerZ 5” available in: Sexy Penny, New Penny, Shiner, Smoky Shad, Coconut Ice Glow, Bruised Banana, Silver Shad, Bleeding Banana, Nuked Chicken Glow, Motor Oil, Nuked Pilchard Glow, Laguna Shrimp, Redbone, Smelt, Sexy Mullet, The Deal and Atomic Sunrise.

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