Early Start Best for the Shallows.

Monday 22nd December.

Early Bird catches the Worm, well Fish in this story, start early & finish early & its working for Me.

Dawn & Dusk seems to be the go at the moment in the shallows, get into it before the sun shines brightly & the late arvo as the sun starts to go down, doesn’t seem to be much action during the day in  the shallows, under 10m, water just to clear one thinks, no cover, well thats My theory anyway.

Got to My local ramp & what do you know I had to wait, never had that problem before as I’m usually the only one there, must be holiday time, so after waiting what seemed like forever (5minutes) I was all ready to launch, I was off, less than a 1km later I’m into My first fish of the morning, a nice mid 50’s Snap, a nice start to the day.


For the next hour & 1/2 it was fish after fish ranging from the mid 30’s to the mid 50’s, the light outfits were just screaming, can’t get enough of that sound as line peels of the little 2500 Penns, HT100 drags with a smear of Cal’s Drag Grease equals smooth as silk, just magic & a necessity with the light silly string.

Had 2 rods out for the morning bite, 1 cast way out the back & dragged along & 1 cast way out the front & slowly retrieved back to Me which caught the better fish on the day.

As soon as it hit full tide & with the sun up the bite just died & never really got going again so called it a day around 10ish.

Flavours of the day were the Zman 4″ Bleeding Banana Curly Tail & the Smoky Shad 3.75″ on 1/4oz Pink Lightbulb jigheads with a nice bead of Drag Juice for added incentive.



Was a magic morning with plenty of fish caught & released to fight another day, kept 5 from the high 40’s to the mid 50’s, so plenty for a good bloody feed.

So get out early & get into em Folks & may You all have a wonderful Xmas & be safe out there on the Briny.

Cheers & Happy Days………..

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