Keeping it Simple in the Shallows

Friday 2nd January 2015

Happy New Year to You All & hope You all have a fantastic year on the Briny.

Today was the first mish for the New Year so decided to keep it simple & fish My feet & it payed off.

On the water at first light to catch the start of the outgoing tide as this has been fishing better for Me of late & it didn’t disappoint.

Just out from the ramp was a pod of large Dolphins with there babies, always great to see them around, very cool, hung with them for 5min then moved on to My spot.

Second cast & I was into a nice Snap around the 50cm mark, sweet start to the day & they just kept on coming till around 9.30 when it started to slow down, still caught fish but not as full on.

Lots of boats driving past going out further with the odd one stopping for 5min then moving on, just don’t get that, there are plenty of good Snapper to be had right on your doorstep this time of the year, you just have to be a little patient.

Fished from 5 to 9m & the water was warm, up to 23.8deg & pretty clear with lots of Bait around.


I always believe that when you find the Bait & you will find the fish, well works most of the time anyway.

Flavours of the day were the Zman 3.75″ Smokey Shad & Shinner on a 1/2 oz Pink Lightbulb on 15lb Leader plus a dab of Ocean Anglers Drag Juice, very simple but lethal .

Only fished 1 rod today & cast way out the front & twitched it back to Me very slowly, caught fish on just about every cast first thing.

So another successful Morning in the shallows with a very nice bin full of tasty Snapper, seems to be plenty around in close & they are feeding up hard on the bottom.

So get out there & make the most of this great weather Folks & get amongst them.

Happy Days……..

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