Fish Your Feet First.

Friday 10th & Saturday 11th October.

Fish your feet first.

With a bit of cabin fever starting to set in it was time to go fishing & with only a couple of hours to spare I decided to fish close to home.

Fished the last of the outgoing & the start of the incoming right in the shallows, 4 to 6m.

Lots of small Snapper in the 30 to 40cm bracket with the occasional 45cm plus model showing its face every now & again, so with 1/2 a dozen nice pannies in the bin it was time to do the 3 minute drive back to the ramp, gotta love this country we live in.

Flavour of both days was the Zman 3.75inch Shiner on a 1/4oz Pink Lightbulb jig head on 15lb leader with 6lb mainline, nice & light & lots of fun, smeared with a bit of the Secret Sauce Drag Juice just for good luck.


Saturday came around & not an early start but on the water at 8am to catch the last of the incoming tide, high 10.30.

Fished the same area with the same set up for similar results, just a bit bigger fish in the high 40,s to low 50’s.

All punching well above their weight in the shallows, such great fun on the light silly string.


So 2 quick sessions in the shallows close to home for 2 very nice bins full of fat tasty Snapper, so can’t ask for better than that.

So get out there & get em folks.

Happy Days……….

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