JD’s Love Bruised Bananas

Sunday was supposedly the best day of labour weekend to go fishing with light westerly winds (yeah right). Got out and it was howling about 20-25knts with a large swell. Fishing was hard with the wind and fast drift. My son and I managed a feed but it was hard work. The Zman bruised banana once again out performed all other lures and I have decided that it is a JD magnet (even on 5 OZ sinker).

I rig a running rig with 5/0 worm hook and a bean sinker to suit the conditions (anything from 1/2 OZ to 4 or 5 oz). Cast ahead of the boat and work the bait off the bottom until it reaches a 45 degree angle and then start again (most fish will hit the straight up and down position similar to jigs).


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