Kingfish Catching-Jitterbugs and Jitterbug Rod in action

It was a fresh crispy clear Autumn day in Auckland and with the mounting reports of amazing workup action, it did not take too much persuasion to get a crew together to hit the action zone.
Millions of Pilchards, thousands of Gannets, hundreds of Dolphins, a couple of Whales and you have the recipe for some fast and furious Haurauki Gulf action.

The workups were still happening between the Elbow and the 45 mtr mark (same spot as the week before) and with a combination of Ocean Angler Jitterbugs, a dab of secret sauce inside the skirt and the 3-4 kilo snappers were coming on board fast and furious. Orange Jitterbug was producing the biggest fish on the day followed by Pink with Pink Skirt.

There was equal action under the workups for Kingfish, with some nice 900-1000cm fish landed and destined for the smoker. The cold clear day did not seem to deter the fish and the fishing action could only be described as HOT!

Below is Craig Connelly using 20lb Ocean Angler Fluro Carbon, an Ocean Angler Jitterbug Rod, Ocean Angler Pilchard Secret Sauce, a Pink Jitterbug with Pink skirt on a 10 kilo kingfish. Nice job Craig

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