Little Barrier Soft-Baiting

The weather has been calm lately, which means we had a great time getting in the middle of the sea to catch as many fish as we could.

Every day there was a feast of fish, and Friday was no exception.

I felt privileged to be invited by Maxim to ride on his Stabicraft 759 Super Cab. We had a couple of trial runs while putting her into charter.

While I thought of new places to fish, Little Barrier Island popped into my head. The area where we were treading was already familiar to me, as I have fished in this area quite often, with mixed results each time.

There’s an area on the eastern side of the barrier by the waterfalls that has produced bountiful catches. Since I we are in the area again, I decide to take a look and was surprised when I saw a lot of bait and KY consuming the local krill. Last week we saw huge patches between Li and Little Barrier while riding in a helicopter.

We started off using lightweight 16m soft plastic in this area and a half ounce jig-head with motor oil 3.75”.

This fish were in fantastic condition, with nice pointy teeth and matching apricot colours. These fishing were biting and boy, were they big!

We decided to head for the KY, which is always fun using the light gear. I thought the fish would shy away and only want the krill they were chasing. But Mal managed to entice one of them on a small soft plastic and we were away!

Every now and then there were several schools of fish chasing the krill and something big chasing the Ky.

They KY’s were fat and when I opened the stomach of one, I found it was bloated full of little pink creatures.

Maxim and his family came over the next day and we had some KY revally and cooked it sashimi style!

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