Nuked Snapper in the Shallows.

Friday 1st August.

Firstly I would just like to say a few words regards to the Zman Softbaits.

Go get yourself a couple of packets of the Zman Nuked Pilchard PaddlerZ, You won’t regret it.

Match it with the Zman Lightbulb Jigheads in the colour & weight that suits You & you have a deadly combination ready to slay some fish.

I have used all sorts of Softbaits from your popular brands to the cheap & nasties & most catch fish, but if you want a Softbait that will go the distance & catch fish after fish then buy Zman.

Nothing comes close in My opinion, great action, hardy/super resilient, great choice of colours & shapes, great value for Your dollar.

Not like some of the other brands that are one hit wonders & a days fishing can become very expensive if the little ones are on the chew as well as the dreaded Leather Jacket & old Rocky the Rock Cod.

Anyway back to the fishing.

Well after a bit of maintenance on My tin tub SharkBait & the trailer I was all guns blazing ready to get out on the briny & slay some more shallow water Snapper.

So up early & at the ramp for a 7am departure on glassy seas.

So blast out to one of My favourite spots (back of Ponui Island) & straight into them, nice fish in the high 40’s to mid 50cm range & plenty of them.

Only used the Zman Nuked Pilchard PaddlerZ on a 1/2oz Pink Lightbuld today, used the same softie all morning.

They where just smashing it mid water, didn’t get a chance to get to the bottom, well not very often anyway.

The bite lasted right up to the high tide then died but with a bin full of fat yummy Snaps I wasn’t to bothered.

Fished from 5 to 11m along the edges of the fowl, once again they seemed to be hanging right on the edges.

Water temp up a bit today just nudging the 14deg & very clear, could see the bottom in some of the places I was fishing but it didn’t seem to bother the fish.

So after a bite to eat & a tide change they came back on the bite, not as aggressive as the early morning bite but still constant with a few more nice fish being caught & released.

Then around 1 it was time to hit the road on flat seas.

Passed a few bunches of Gannets just sitting around not doing much so had a look around them but nothing seemed to be under them, maybe they where just waiting for the afternoon dinner bell to ring.

So another successful morning in the shallows fishing with light tackle & Zman Softbaits, they just keep on producing the goodies.

So get out there & get em.

Happy Days.

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