More Angry Winter Snapper.

Thursday 24th July.

Life is good.
With the weather playing ball today it was time to go fishing, so a plan was hatched to do just that.
On the water at first light (7am) to make the most of the outgoing tide as knew there would be very little current after the first couple of hours with the smallish tides.
So out to the spot (out the back of Ponui Island) on glassy seas & straight into them.

For the first couple of hours it was a hot bite with some nice Snapper in the mid 50’s hitting the softies & pulling some string, can’t ask for better than that.

Then as the tide faded so did the bite, so moved around a bit picking up the odd Snapper here & there plus a few KY & a couple of nice Trev’s, raw fish for tea tonight………..yummy.

As the tide turned & started to come in it was all go again with them hard on the feed.

These fish are in such good condition with their colours all lit up.

Left them to it & headed for home around 1ish on glass like conditions.
Water temp still around 13.5deg & clear.
Bit of bird life around with just small KY boiling the surface, nothing underneath them.
The flavour of the day was the Zman Nucked Pilchard on a 1/2oz Pink Lightbulb, they just smashed it.
I think if I had to choose a couple of favourite colours this would have to be in the top 2 or 3.
So another top mornings fishing the shallows for a bin full of fat healthy Snapper.
Get out there & get em.

Happy Days…….

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