Angry Winter Snapper.

Friday 18th July

Fortune favours the Brave.
With the weather being a bit more settled this week I was keen to get back out amongst it.
So up early & man it was brass monkey, ice everywhere, on the car & boat, even my boat carpet was frozen, no need for ice I was surrounded by it.
So all rugged up & I was off.
Set a boat limit of 45cm today & took out the 6lb gear, not to heavy & not to light, but sporting as fishing the shallow foul can be unforgiving sometimes but wanted to have some fun.
Was fishing the same area as Monday & although not as hot it was steady with some nice Snapper smashing the softies.


Was casting forward & slowly retrieving back to the boat.
Fished a few colours this morning, the small Shinner Shad the Nucked Pilchard PaddlerZ & a new one for Me the Bruised Banana Shad, they all caught fish & matched with the 1/4 & 1/2 oz Pink Lightbulb Jigheads they were a deadly combination.

Fished from 4 to 11m along the edges of the foul, the fish seemed to be sitting just on the edges.
The weather just got better as the morning went on eventually the sea turning to glass.

Water temp 13.5deg so a tad warmer than this time last year & clear, crystal clear.
So with the bin full it was time for some catch & release.

Come 1pm I’d had enough & headed for home on glassy seas with a smile from ear to ear, thinking to myself how lucky we are to have such a great fishery on our back doorstep.
So get out there & get em.

Happy Days.

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