Shag Rock (Tarahiki Is) on Sunday 15th June

The bottom end of Waiheke Island seems to hold a good quantity of snapper at this time of Year. Most of these fish are nice fat pannies in the 35-45cm range, but every now and again you will hit a group of bigger fish. With this in mind I decided to venture down to an area that holds fish SSE of Shag rock (Tarahiki). We decided on a drift starting on a lump (11mtrs) and going up and down (22mtrs, 18mtrs then 20mtrs then 16mtrs then back up to 22mtrs as per the arrow).

Every drop produced fish and we had a boat limit of 35cm. I was using a Zman bruised banana  Jerkshads 5” on a worm hook with 1.5oz running sinker and my mate was uisng the Zman PaddlerZ Nuked Pilchard in 4″ on a 1oz light bulb.

We both tried the Jitterbugs in Orange as this produced some great fish last year at this spot, but no cigar this time. Here is a good snap from the same spot last year.


Cheers Snap

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