Snaps On The Inside Of Ponui

Got invited out on a mates boat today, 5.8m Surtees, so hatched a plan to fish around Ponui as I know it holds fish this time of the year & did pretty well there a couple of weeks back.

So checked the forecast, Southerly 10 knots, OK not ideal but hey lets give it a whirl.
So left Kawakawa Bay around 9ish to catch the last of the outgoing.
Once we got out into the Firth there was a bit of a swell still running from the storm and lots of floaties drifting around, even saw a whole tree, not the sort of thing you want to hit so we decided to shoot back on the inside through the Waiheke Channel, less debris and a lot flatter.
Stopped at a few spots and picked up the odd KY & Smallish Snapper.
So ventured around to the Ruth Passage and picked up a couple of keepers around the 40cm mark.
Not a lot happening around that side so came back into the Waiheke Channel in close to Ponui & got into them, Lots of KY and a nice bin of Snapper, nothing huge but good eating fish up to 45cm.

Water 15deg and fished from 3 to 14m over the sand with 1/4 to 1/2 oz Lightbulb Jigheads in pink with Zman Smokey Shads doing the damage on the day.

Still seems to be fish around in the shallows we just had to work a bit harder today to find & catch them.
So even though it was a tad cooler we still had a great day on the water, good company and fresh fish for dinner it can’t be bad.

Happy Days.

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