Snapper Time.

Monday 18th August.

Well after catching up with Mr Senior a couple of weeks back & restocking the tackle box with goodies & Paul kindly offering Me one of His new Ocean Angler Microwave rods to try it would have been rude with such good weather not to go out & give it whirl.
So today was the day, with 5knots variable all day it was going to be a cracker.
Not a particular early start, set off at 8am & headed to one of My favourite spots at the back of Ponui Island.
On arrival there where Gannets going nuts on bait & I was straight into some nice pannies.
Nothing big (45cm) but good eating fish & plenty of them along with the odd bigger one (mid 50’s) thrown in just to keep me interested in the area & thats where I stayed all morning.


So with the bin filling up fast with some nice fat Snapper I decided to try a few different colours from the Zman arsenal.
The only colours I could catch fish on today was the Nuked Pilchard Paddler (4inch) & the Bruised Banana Shad (4inch) they wouldn’t even tap the other colours I tried (New Penny Paddler, 3inch Smoky Shad & the Shinner in the same size & a couple of others) nadda but as soon as I went back to the Bruised Banana it was fish on, funny how things go out there on the briny sometimes.
So with the top of the tide nearly upon Me the bite just died & never really picked up again so called it a day around 2ish & blasted home on flat as seas.
So another very productive day in the shallows (fished 4 to 10m) for a nice bin of tasty Snaps.

The Rod, well its supper light weight, effortless to cast, has a nice action & it helped Me to catch fish, can’t ask for more than that.

I matched it up with one of My Penn Spinnfisher SSV3500 with 12LB Braid with 15LB Fluro & a 1/2oz Pink Lightbulb Jighead.



Cant wait to get out there again & give it another thrash.

Happy Days……..


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