Noisies and surrounding Islands on Sunday

Sunday was one out of the box with light warm winds and flat seas. I decided to head out to the Noisies and surrounding islands and reefs for a look around (alot of other people had the same idea). Today was a day of testing and I had one of Ocean Anglers new reels and matched Gravity rod to try out.

I found a good lump of pannies hard on the bottom just nor east of Maria Island in 22mtrs and dropped a new sample 5 inch Paddle tail down (not sure of its name, but it looked very fishy to me). My first drop was hit before it got to the bottom so the fish must of come up to meet it.

The Gravity rod and Ocean angler reel are a good match being both light so as to make sure you enjoy the fight while still having heaps of grunt to give you confidence. I only caught pannies and never got a chance to give it a real test with blistering runs, but hope to do so over the next couple of months.


Cheers Snap

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