Little Barrier 9th and 10th August

The boys winter trip to Lil barrier was planned and hatched. Stayed at a mates batch in Point Wells and headed over in 20KntSW winds.

Saturday – Al gets a nice JD on the Lime Pickles Jitterbug (I have now seen 4 JD’s caught on this particular jig – 3 to myself fishing the wiorkups)

Found a likely looking spot for a big bait and burly session. The kelpies soon started hitting lightly weighted strayline rigs (I was using my old fav Powerflex rod with Twin power 4000 reel). Man the rod gets a good bend on those hard fighting kelpies!

Then Ski smashed this horse on his secret bait that I have sworn secrecy to.

Sunday – Up at sparrows fart and back to the hunting grounds around lil barrier. We started geting plagued by good sized bronze whalers. They were also grabbing our snaps on the way up and Al managed a kingfish head taxed near the boat. Milt was a magnet for these beautiful looking creatures and we thought he had another one until this popped up way out the back of the boat.

The Kill Shot



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