Solid Snapper in the Far North.

Well the fishing up here in the Far North has just got better & better with lots of good solid fish to be had in as little as 2m of water making it very accessible to even the smallest of boats.

I’m finding that the Snapper are staying close to the fowl rather than feeding out on the open sand so moving around a little till you find the fowl will help in finding the fish.

Also finding the smaller Softies are working better than the larger ones, the little 3.75inch shads or the small grubs are working best for Me.

Colours are varying from day to day but the Smokey Shad, Bleeding Banana & the Bruised Banana are My go to colours at the moment.

Match them with the lightest Lightbulb Jighead you can get away with to still reach the bottom but allowing you the maximum hang time in the water column as finding the Snapper are feeding all the way up it.

Some times I’m getting hit as soon as the Softie hits the water.

Another thing to try is if you can find some wash (waves or swell crashing onto rocks) & can fish it safely then its well worth a crack, I fished some the other day & landed some nice Snapper to 7kg.

There are still plenty of Kingfish around & lots of huge KY, Trev’s are feeding all over the place & can be tricky to tempt as sometimes there are feeding on Krill, a few Johnnies are still floating around the place & a very good variety of reefy critters just to add something different to the day as up here in the Far North you just don’t know what your going to catch, I even caught a small Hammer Head on a 3.75in Smokey Shad a couple of weeks back, put up a hell fight on the 6lb silly string.

So if your up in the Far North for the Xmas & New Years holidays don’t forget to stock up on all your Ocean Angler & Zman gear to make it a very memorable Summer holidays on the briny.

Wishing You all a safe & happy Xmas & New Years.

Cheers SB



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