More big snapper on 130gr jigs

Whilst the workups are very enticing we have found the best snapper fishing away from them. Sometime the birds are only good to follow to find the bait and once you find the bait it is better to stick with it than to chase the workups.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been fishing 2 areas. The first is over Coromandel way about 2-3 miles out from Fantail bay. This area is full of bait and while the fish can be tentative on the bite, when they decide to feed it is all on. Patience is the virtue fishing here and sometimes it has taken 4 hours of waiting until they come on. Also one day they are going off at 11am on the low tide and the next nothing until 3pm? When the bite comes on make sure you keep up your drift until they go quiet again. We have been doing 3nm drifts sometimes and catching good fish all the way!

The second area has been north of Flat rock up to Takatu point and Omaha bay. This area has also been full of bait and the workups have been insane. There have been a lot more KY in this area and they have been in plague proportions making it harder to get to the snapper. Again sometimes it is better to find the bait away from the main workups to get to the bigger snapper and get away from the KY.

In both the areas above we have found the 130gr Jitterbugs to be the most productive for 2 reasons. One – they get down past the KY and to the snapper faster. Two – they fish better as they keep you within that 45 degree angle (straight up and down) and lure the fish better. We have found pink to be the most productive one day and candy apple the next so you need to mix it up and see what is working best.

So get out there and get into some of this amazing fishing we have at the moment! I hope these tips help!

Cheers Capt. Snap

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