The big snapper have arrived

After chasing the workups around for the past couple of months I decided to try something different. We fished the 50 mtr mark just NE of Anchorite about 2 weeks ago and hit the bonanza with great size fish and no one else to spoil the fun. A lot of these fish had been eating flounder/sole like creatures and were spewing them up in the boat.

The next time we went back they were gone and had moved to better pastures. So with this in mind I decided to look down towards the Happy Jacks a bit further south and found heaps of birds and bait over a vast area! We fished a likely looking spot and filled the bin in one 3nm drift with quite a few 5-8kg fish coming on board. The bigger snapper have arrived en masse around the western side of Coromandel Peninsula and we have been making the most of this on FishnDips charters.

Over the last week we went out on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and again yesterday and the results have been the same. We have been fishing 100-200gr Inchinku style and other style jigs and found the pink and orange Jitterbugs to be outstanding (although we have also caught some good fish on other styles). We have had to use 2 drogues to slow the progress of our drift in the 25knt SW winds over the last week (also the 200gr have worked well getting down and staying in the zone).

Our last trip out we found some really good workups just off Waiheke Island so the bait has moved in close now. The snapper were hitting our lures hard in only 25mtrs of water and spewing up anchovies when they hit the deck. So get out there and take advantage of the spring influx.

Cheers Capt Snap (Nik Key)


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