It’s Hotting up in Northland.

With the weather starting to warm up up here in the Far North so has the fishing.

I have been trying different spots around the Far North with some hot days & some not so hot days but its all about learning about the area’s & what works & what doesn’t.

There seems to be plenty of Pannies in the Harbours up here with Snapper to 5-6kg being caught on a regular basis & outside the Harbours in the shallows (2 to 10m) Snapper up to 9kg & have heard a few tails of some nice fish up to 15kg been caught.

The Kingfish are starting to turn up in good numbers with lots of Rats (fish under a 1m) around with some larger models amongst them & man do they fight hard, I’ve had some epic battles on the light gear only to end in tears as they take Me to the cleaners, but hay thats fishing & what keeps Me coming back for more.

The sound of your reels screaming as line empties at pace, I just love that feeling I get when that happens, music to My ears.

The KY are back in huge numbers chasing the Bait & there is truck loads of that to & in amongst the KY are some big Slimmy Mackerel & they fight pretty bloody good to on the light silly string I can tell ya, some screaming runs.

Match the hatch or try similar colours & size, sometimes just that little difference will make Your bait stand out in the crowd & make all the difference to coming home with a very nice bin full.

I have mainly been Softbaitieng in the shallow water, mostly under 10m & the pick of the bunch as in top softies has to be the Zman 3.75 Smoky Shad on a 1/4 to 1/2 Pink Lightbulb Jighead, just deadly up here nailing everything from Snapper, Kingfish, Trevs, KY to other reefy critters, even nailed a very nice Pouri.


Have seen a few small Seals floating around without a care in the world & also a few small pods of large Dolphins which is great to sea, it all adds to a great day on the briny.

So with the Sun shinning & the Fish biting it all makes for Happy Days in the Far North.

So if You haven’t already done so dust off that fishing gear & get out there & get amongst the action.

Cheers SB

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