Straylining off Takapuna Cliffs

Over the past 2-3 weeks I have been watching the bait getting denser and denser as I get closer to Auckland. The water temperature has stayed up and it looks like we will have a late season. With this in mind and also the fact that people have started squidding around Auckland a plan was hatched.

I talked my mate John Kite (Squid) into getting off work early to make the most of the low tide and change of light off Takapuna cliffs. I went to my local seafood shop in Henderson and purchaed 3kg of fresh arrow squid ($5.95Kg). My thinking was that the snapper would just be starting to hunt these in the shallows where we were fishing (4mtrs).

We arrived to the spot in amazing and very fishy conditions and I put the salmon burly out. I rigged up my Ocean Angler light softbait gear (4kg) with a 40lb trace and a 1/8oz sinker and 2 8/0 hooks. My first cast was out with a whole squid head on it and I decided to put it in the rod holder and tidy up a bit. All of a sudden I hear the little OA 3000 reel screaming on a well bent rod. First fish of the day is a nice pannie of around 50cm.

I really miss this type of fishing and have decided to pursue it as much as I can when I get out for a personal fish (when I’m not charter fishing/skipering). In 2 hours we had our limit of fat angry snapper and it was great fun on the light gear!

Look forward to some mean strayline fishing soon…see you out there!

Cheers Capt. Snap (Nik)

Snap Fishing Ventures
“Nothing ventured nothing gained”

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