Kingfish and Kahawai on light gear

In the past couple of weeks we have been targeting Kingfish and Kahawai on light gear first before looking for the snapper. This is a great way to start the day and hone the anglers skills on the equipment we use.

We have been heading out the Motuihe channel and finding the birds working the smelt and anchovies.

We position ourselves up wind/current from them and then drift into them. I take the angler up to the front of the boat where we cast small Zman culy tails (New Penny and anchovy looking ones) into the melee. This sight fishing is great fun as you wind your softplastic back to the boat with a hoard of angry KY following it! When you are on you really know it as these strong fish dive deep and the reels screams off line. Sometimes a kingfish will hit your lure and then you really feel the action!!!

Do not under estimate the humble Kahawai (Australians call them sea salmon), as it is a fine table fish and my favourite smoked fish and the best I have tried yet, for Thai fish cakes.

Out wider we have also been getting some well legal kingfish on the light snapper gear. They have been hitting both the Jitterbugs and Kabura style jigs in all colours (pink seems to be the most productive). When this happens I ask the other anglers to bring there lines in on that side of the boat as these Kingfish are dirty fighters and will look for any excuse to bust you off!

The Autumn workups are just starting to happen with whales and dolphins coming into the Hauraki gulf hunting down the pilchards. We have seen a few sporadic workups and found a few larger snapper under them but it has been hard work. We expect this to all change soon and it will be all on!

We also expect these Autumn workups to last into June or maybe even July due to the late season (warm weather this year).

Look forward to some mean workup fishing soon…see you out there!

Cheers Capt. Snap (Nik)

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