Taka Snaps on the Ocean Angler Powerflex rod

It is that time of the year when the large snaps are in off Takapuna and the bays. Sunday morning was perfect with flat as water, moon down at 5am, High Tide at 6am with out going tide and lots of fresh bait and burley…it was all lined up.

I go for big fresh baits on light gear and hold on. Today I was using one of my most favourite straylining rigs, a 4-8kg Powerflex spinning rod with Twinpower 4000 (I love the sound this reel makes under pressure).

I cast the lightly weighted baits out as far as I can into the burley trail and let line out slowly until it gets picked up…let the line go out and then snap the bail arm over and hold on.

Looking forward to the next couple of months fishing this area…watch this space!


Here was the bin at the end of the day and boy did they taste good

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