Kayaking Orere point 8th March

Glen and myself headed out to Orere point at the crack of dawn with the East Auckland Kayak fishing club. As Paul had mentioned in the video it was going to be a cracker of a day. We paddled out over to the reef and started a drift. This trip I used my new Nuclear chicken Glow with Light bulb pink jig heads. Glen picked up the first couple. I threw a couple back as they were on the smaller side of 30cm. I started to feel something play with my Zman as I reeled it in. Thought hmm this is a bit odd and casted it out again. As i reeled it it was being hit but not in the way a snapper more Kahawai. Low and behold it was a Kingi chasing it in. It followed it right to the side of the Kayak. Looked at me and that was the last I saw of it.

The fish went off the bite for a bit as the slack tide came so we took advantage to move spot and head a little deeper. We were still picking up the odd one or two. I heard over the radio that some birds were working further up from another member of the club, so we paddled over to investigate. We hooked up to some good ones here. I had a great battle with a Kahawai on my light gear. It took me about 5 min to bring it in. We kept up with the birds until we got tired. It was great fun being in about 10m with a few gannets diving and good amount of Shearwaters on the surface.

We headed in at lunch time as it approached high tide for some lunch. The plan was to come back in afternoon but we had no need we had plenty of fish for us and family. All day Glen used the one Zman. I tried a New Penny and Electric Chicken but only got bites on the new Nuclear chicken. Look like it was the right decision to get my hands on some.

I forgot to start my tracking when we left the beach but this is where we were

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