Wash Fishing At The Back Of Ponui Island.

Thursday 26th June.

With a small window in the weather I decided to shoot out to the back of Ponui Island for a fish.
On the water at first light to make the most of the morning & was surprised to see how calm & flat the sea was.
Once out there, there was a nice meter plus slow swell hitting the rocks with lots of foam & white water so started casting into that & wham bang…. its all on with some nice Snapper hitting the softies.
Got smoked a couple of times by some bigger fish, just no stopping them on the light gear & they know their territory well.
Water temp dropping week by week, down to 13.7 today but the water was clear with a nice oily blue appearance, looked so fishy & it was.
Some nice Snapper started to hit the bin in the 45 to 50cm range, bloody good eating size & in prime condition, hard fighting fish.



Seemed to be plenty around today feeding up hard.
Softie of the day was a 3.75inch Shinner on a 1/4oz Pink Lightbulb, they just smashed it.
So pick ya weather & get out there & get in to them.


Happy Days.

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