Winter Snaps at Bottom end and Coromandel

Looked like a weather window on Sunday so grabbed some mates and headed out at 8.30am from Te Atatu. Destination was the bottom end of Waiheke Island looking at heading over to Coromandel Harbour to have a nosey.

Fished the same area as a couple of weeks ago south of shag over the lumpy bits with an outgoing tide. Picked up a bin full of nice fat pannies on mill pond waters in summer like conditions (Tshirt weather). My rig for the day was a Zman nuclear pilchard with a worm hook and 1/2 sinker (tried other clours but this seemed to be the winner today). Today the fish were chasing the lures off the bottom on a slow retrieve or grabbing it on the drop. Tried jigs but the softies were working better.

Since we were so close and the weather was so settled we decided to head over towards Coromandel harbour were our mates were cleaining up in 30 mtrs.

We topped up our limit here next to them (they had a triple hook up when we arrived) and then called it a day for a smooth trip back up the harbour. 85 Nautical miles later and I pulled the boat out at 5pm.

Can’t beat this winter fishing!


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