Workup Fever

Tuesday 11th November

Workup fever, I’ve got it bad.

Left Kawakawa Bay just after 8am aboard Reel Time with Captain Greg at the wheel heading towards 40meters around Tiri way.

Was going to be a smash & grab as the weather was going to turn to custard in the afternoon.

A few birds on the way out & a few marks at the back of The Noises in about 32m, but kept on going out wide.

With not much life around at 45m & not a lot of sign & with the sea starting to build We made the call to go back to where the bait was & that was the right call.

We came across the Birds starting to work the Bait that was being bailed up by the Dolphins & it was all on again.

Dropped a few Jitterbugs down with the Blue working well taking some nice fish up to 50cm, then I decided  to go over to the softies & tried a 4oz Cyclops with the Zman Coconut Ice, the Bruised Banana but the winner today was the Nuked Pilchard 4″ Paddle Tail, it just got smashed on the drop taking Snapper to 60cm.




So with the bin full it was time for a bit of catch & release before we headed for home.

Off in the distance we could see the sea erupt & thought it was a huge school of KY busting up the schools of Anchovies but it was a huge pod of Dolphins racing across the ocean, a couple of hundred strong coming from all directions & heading out into the deep.

After they came through the bite just died, it was if someone had flicked the switch, so with the wind building it was home James.

So another magical day out in the Gulf with Dolphins & Birds hammering the bait with hungry Snapper underneath.

So pick your weather folks & get out there amongst the action.

Happy Days………

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