36.30 – 175.05 Kings KY and Snaps

After being stuck at work all week and watching Diversity/Damo video reports on the amazing fishing happening at the moment…I had to get out. Sunday was the pick of the weekend with 10knt (from the west) winds and a 2-4pm bite time. Left Te Atatu at 12.30pm and the further we got from Auckland the flatter the sea state became. I had a mate Eddie and two guys he works with Mike and Whau who had never been out and fished the workups with light gear and jigs. They were in for a fantastic day! We headed for an area that had been performing all week at 36.30 175.05 (thanks Damo). As we got close we could see the birds and dolphins working so set up our first drift. I was using a Zman bruised banana softbait and had all three of them on assorted Jitterbugs in 80gr (Orange, Candy apple and Blue). First drop and we had triple hook ups on the jigs while the softie was left unmolested. I wound in and helped the novices land their Kingfish, horse KY and 50cm + snapper. Changed to a Jig and next drop and i was in as well (Lime pickle 60gr).


There was a motorway of Dolphins cruising about 4 miles away so we headed over there for a look (I could see it as a long low white cloud on the horizon). This is where Diversity was sitting so we set up another drift. The jigs were not getting a look at while my Zman bruised banana softbait with 2oz was getting smashed by bigger pannies in 50’s. Changed the guys over to softbaits and a few more fish came on board to finish a perfect Summer days fishing. 80 nautical miles later we and we arrive back at the ramp by 6.15pm.


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