Plenty of Variety on offer in the Far North.

Variety is the spice of life & there is plenty of that up here in the Far North.

Cover photo is of Matauri Bay, Northland, just a magical place to be & fish.

With the cooler nights & crisp clear mornings its that time of the year again, Winter fishing.

Its My favourite time of the year to get out on the briny & wet a line & with such a variety on offer up here in the Far North its no wonder the days are filled with anticipation with what one might catch or encounter.

The inner Harbours up this way are still fishing well with Softbaiting in the shallows (2 to 10m) working extremely well taking some nice Snapper to 7-8kg along with huge KY, Kingfish & Johnnys(John Dory).

Outside the Harbours in the deeper water the Sliders are just going off, Orange seems to be the flavour of the moment taking Snapper, Trevs, Granddaddy Hapuku, huge KY, Kingfish (when one can land them) & the tasty old Johnny (John Dory) but like the Softbaits the colour can change like the weather so it pays to have plenty of selection on hand.

Out in the deeper water the Snapper seem to be moving around from day to day, one day feeding over the sand & the next day back over the fowl but once you have found them its on like Donkey Kong & if you can find the Bait schools everything is around them taking the easy pickings.

Softbait colours that are working well at the moment are the Smokey shad in 3.75 & 5inch & the New Penny 5inch Paddle Tail.

Sliders in Orange from 40 to 80gram are just Snapper candy.

So pick your weather & get up here & get amongst it as its all good in the Far North.

Happy Days.


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