Platypus Super-100 Clear Monofilament

Platypus Super-100 Clear Monofilament

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Length 300m
Size 15 lb

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To mark 100 years of fishing line manufacturing in Australia, Platypus fishing line technicians set themselves the challenge of creating a truly revolutionary monofilament line. Born from this challenge was Platypus Super 100, an ultra high tenacity monofilament and a jump forward in monofilament line technology.

At the time of release the late Don McPherson, a third generation fishing line manufacturer stated, "It took all of our 100 years of experience to craft this superb fishing line. It makes me proud to be producing such a world class product right here in Australia".

Decades later and with a few tweaks Platypus Super 100 still has a strong following among anglers and especially those chasing finicky feeders and fishing clear water, where Super 100's excellent level of clarity sees it excelling. Other characteristics of Super 100 include fine diameter, excellent abrasion resistance and outstanding knot strength.

The difference is clear. Spool up with a local.

  • Ultra high tenacity monofilament
  • Excellent clarity = reduced visibility
  • Thin diameter for increased capacity and reduced visibility
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding knot strength
  • Clear colour
  • Brown colour in limited breaking strains for fresh, tannin and stained water

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