Z-Man Slim SwimZ


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Everyone knows now that soft-baits can be particularly effective on a wide range of fish species in New Zealand, but just one brand, Z-Man, is becoming the primary choice for most serious soft-plastic anglers. The reasons why are many, including: coming in some fantastic colours, sizes and shapes; providing the best movement when retrieved or left to their own devices in the current; not needing to be kept in a special solution, so won’t turn into little bits of ‘wood’ and there’s no liquid to leak everywhere; having a natural buoyancy so they lift tail first when on the bottom and waggle enticingly; some having ultraviolet-reflective and lumo qualities to make them highly visible in all sorts of conditions, and being the toughest soft-bait available! The last feature is often the deciding factor for most: anyone fishing in reefy territory will know the frustration of fishing more fragile brands of soft-baits, winding in after one cast to find the lure bitten in half or completely gone; it can get very expensive. No wonder anglers are putting super-durable Z-Mans on instead - it’s usually possible to catch between a dozen and 30 fish per lure!

Sizes: 2.5" (Comes in a packet of 8)

Colours:Calico Candy, Mood Ring, Pearl, Pink Glow,  Gold Flake, Blue Steel, Greasy Prawn, Bloodworm, Pearl Blue Glimmer, Smoke Hologram, The Deal, Midnight Oil, Space Guppy and Pumpkin

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