Fishing during the spawning period.

As you will know the snapper fishing has been hard over the past month for lure fishing due to the fish being in spawning mode. It is very frustrating when you find the workups and can see the snapper underneath them, yet the bite is very tentative to nonexistent. Even when you do catch fish they seem to be the smaller models around 30-40cm max. The bite times are there but are usually very short and on dawn and dusk.

As you would have seen by Paul Seniors lactation reports there are a lot of snapper on the bait in the firth of Thames. They have still been quite hard to find and sometimes will only take micro jigs on light gear and 40gr Sliders. The workup action has been very intense with the bait getting pushed to the surface and smashed by the predators.

Here some video’s of some action in this area –


We have also been fishing the inner harbour using the 40-60gr Sliders and micro jigs on light gear. This can be very rewarding as you don’t have to go far and use lots of gas to catch a feed, and they fight real hard in the shallow water with lots of current. Here are some pics from a tackle testing venture we did 2 weeks ago. I believe the fishing in these areas are only going to get better now.

We have been targeting Kingfish lately over this period and are even finding them in the workups when there are no biting snapper present. They are taking the lures on the drop and are great fun on the light gear with 10-15min fights at times. We have also targeted bigger fish and these fine specimens were caught under the trevally workups near Anchourite Rock last Friday. They were caught on large surface poppers and 300gr knife jigs.




So lots of options coming up over the next months with more places closer to home to fish.

See you out there!

Cheers Capt. Snap (Nik)

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